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Cần Bán Hot: All In $650 Materi Apartment 65.5 Sqm, 2 Beds Inthao Dien, Dist 2

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    VOHIEU Active member

    HOT: All in $700 Materi apartment 65.5 Sqm, 2 beds inThao Dien, Dist 2
    Address: Masteri Thao Dien, 159 Ha Noi Hight way, Thao dien ward, Dist 2
    Fully furnished
    Living room with kitchen, 1 bedroom, 1bathroom
    Project Facility: gym, beautiful pool
    Full natural light and wind
    Rental price: $650/ month (included management fee)
    Contact us on: 09378.212.55


    HIEUVO Active member

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